Stay Hydrated With H2Rose Water

Have you ever dreamed of drinking something that was like the Fountain Of Youth? Then H2Rose Water is for you!

H2Rose Water is a delicious all natural drink (bottled in gorgeous packaging!) made of rose water, saffron and other natural ingredients and also comes in four amazing flavors: apple, wild berry, peach and mango!

The best part about these waters is that they’re also filled with lots of health benefits. Yes, they taste amazing and they’re good for you! Rose infused products help keep you beautiful on the outside and also purifies the body because of it’s essential vitamins that it contains. It is also known to reduce your anxiety and enhance your mood. The calming scent is very therapeutic and calming which can help you sleep. The Saffron in the water also helps ease your digestion and soothes your stomach. It can also help keep you feeling full longer.

H2Rose Water can also help improve your skin and leave your skin glowing. This drink allows you to stay healthy and beautiful at the same time.

I love H2Rose Waters because they keep my calm and hydrated on my busy days where we’re running around on photoshoots and video shoots. I love the smell of fresh flowers and these rose waters have an AMAZING scent that smells like fresh roses. Every time you open a bottle, it’s like smelling a new bouquet of flowers.

I also love how the taste of these waters is super tasty without being super overwhelming. The subtle and delicious flavor is great especially if you want to pair it with your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Check out their website for locations of stores near you!


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