Lauren Scruggs Kennedy: One On One With The Inspirational Fashionista & Mogul

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy is more than just a pretty face. The fashionista has overcome several life struggles and has become the definition of a strong woman.

Lauren’s life was instantly changed in 2011, when she accidentally walked into a spinning propeller while exiting a small plane after a quick for-fun trip with a friend to look at the Christmas lights. The accident resulted in the loss of her left eye and hand. Although her life was changed in that moment, she didn’t let her accident slow her down nor did she let it define her. Since then, the former Texan-turned-Cali-girl has gone on to be an inspiring author, wife and philanthropist.

In 2013, Lauren added author to her soon to be growing list of accomplishments when published her first book, Still LoLo: A Spinning Propeller, a Horrific Accident, a Family’s Journey of Hope. In her memoir, she chronicled the events of that tragic evening as well as her days on the set of CW’s Gossip Girl (UM, JEALOUS!), adapting to life with a Prosthetic eye and arm and all of the inspiring details about her remarkable recovery. Lauren also recently released of her second book, “Your Beautiful Heart.” Lauren also conquered the digital world by launching her own successful fashion and lifestyle website, which is one of my absolute favorite blogs!

Oh and top of kicking ass as a businesswoman, can we also gush about her too-sweet-to-handle proposal and wedding to E! News co-host (and one of my idols), Jason KennedyLiterally relationship goals!

And now, Lauren is taking on the beauty world! For her latest business venture, the fashionista launched her own line of dry shampoo, Stranded! The dry shampoo, which is in the form of a loose powder, is quickly filling the void between those who can and those who cannot feasibly use a traditional dry shampoo all while leaving locks freshly perfumed and viable for another day without washing. The best part part is that Stranded is for all hair colors. Blondes, brunettes, and redheads rejoice!

I recently caught up with Lauren to find out how she’s coping with her life-changing injuries, her growing digital footprint, her budding fashion career and everything in between. Here’s what this month’s lady had to say…

I just wanted to start off by thanking you for being so inspirational. Your books and your websites were some of the tools I used to cope with my Mother’s passing a few years ago. So I just wanted to thank you for all that you do to inspire your fans.
Oh my goodness, this is so special to hear. Thank you for sharing this with me. It brings me so much joy to hear that my story brought you hope during those tough times! 
So we need to talk about your new dry shampoo, Stranded! It’s amazing! What inspired you to start your own hair products?
Thank you so much! It has been such a fun journey full of ups and downs AKA a lot of learning experiences. Being blondes, my bestie and I felt the need to include brunettes and red heads in the dry shampoo powder club. Our passion for the outcome kept us going, not to mention, we have had so much fun creating a business and a brand together! We also were very passionate about filling our product with clean and healthy ingredients, and we wanted it to smell like vacation. 🙂

I’m a sucker for dry shampoo and from a guy’s perspective,  I can say that Stranded has quickly become a favorite of mine. Did you ever think it would become a favorite hair product for men as well as women?

First of all, we love that Stranded has become one of your faves! It’s funny you say this because a few guy friends of ours asked if they could use it, and it really opened our minds to the fact that men will love it too!! Such a bonus.

Can we just take a moment to gush about your wedding to my idol, Jason Kennedy? It was like something out of a fairy tale!

You are SO sweet!! It truly felt like a fairy tale getting to marry my best friend while celebrating with all of our family and closest friends! We had the time of our lives. Two of my favorite things about the night: our ceremony was very interactive with all of our groomsmen and bridesmaids – it felt so intimate yet fun! Also, during our reception, no one was sitting, EVERYONE was on the dance floor all night long. I have never seen anything like it! We reminisce on that night so often! 

You always seem so madly in love! What’s the best advice for keeping the romance alive after the “honeymoon stages” of dating?

Our faith is the foundation of our relationship, and our mutual goal is to always encourage and love each other, remembering we are on the same team! Learning to fight fair and communicate well has been key too. We never sweep anything under the rug, and it’s amazing how confrontational conversations and arguments make us feel even closer to each other. We write each other random love notes, always greet each other at the door with hugs and kisses, have heart level conversations, and weekend getaways with just the two of us are our favorites! We are determined to never allow the “honeymoon stage” to end – we want to always date each other and put in the effort to keep the romance alive! 

You always look so amazing! What inspires your style?

You are so so sweet! Thank you! I am inspired by the people around me, the California weather, and the minimalist, natural approach to style!

I also chatted with Lauren about her amazing foundation, The Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Foundation, which accomplishes their vision for helping others obtain a “beautiful” prosthesis. Together, with the National Christian Foundation and ARTech Laboratory, they seek to provide funding for girls and women to receive cosmetic silicone coverings for their prostheses, with the hope that they will experience both physical and spiritual restoration and healing.

What’s next for you? Any projects in the works that we can dish about?

I just launched my new blog, LSK, in January as well as my charity called The Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Foundation, which exists to bring hope, restore dignity, and ignite faith in girls and women with limb loss by providing beautiful cosmetic coverings for prostheses. I have no new projects on the horizon, but I always love dreaming with Jase and moving forward with these recent endeavors! 

Lauren, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me! You’re so inspirational and it means the world to me!

It is so special to be included on your blog. We are so thankful for you!
CLICK HERE to check out Lauren’s AMAZING foundation and see how you can help make a difference! 

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