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wait for it.

Hey guys!

A lot of you have been asking me why there hasn’t been a lot of new posts on my website lately. I’m taking a break and working behind the scenes. I want to be inspired again and create some amazing original content that you will love as much as my older work that you have been so supportive of. I want to create fun new posts and also some new videos. I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve created fun videos and I’ve missed it so much.

This new chapter I’ve been embracing continues to inspire me day after day. In some ways, I’m learning to slow down and heal in a sense, but in other ways I’ve been ignited with so many new ideas and ways to tell stories.

DEEJOUR will return with some new features and a new look. Check back in June for the big reveal!

Meanwhile, sending you love. Wishing you light. And appreciate you stopping by!


Thank you! We will notify you as soon as we launch.