Exclusive Interview: Deborah Cox

Remember that magical feeling when you first heard one of your favorite songs or saw one your favorite movies? It’s a feeling of nostalgia you get every time you see or hear it. It’s a magical feeling that is hard to reincarnate , as some projects are revamped into varying mediums. Add 1992’s breakout romantic thriller The Bodyguard to the list.

There are some songs and movies that are simply too magical for words. Recreating those feelings isn’t easy but when it’s done right, it’s nostalgia at its best.

I remember the first time I watched The Bodyguard. I was around three or four years old and even though I couldn’t really understand the storyline, I knew that there was something so magical about it. The first time I heard the music in the movie, it gave me goosebumps. The film, which catapulted the late Whitney Houston into super stardom alongside Kevin Costner, was pure magic from start to finish.


Fast forward to over two decades later and the movie and it’s soundtrack (which is still one of the highest selling albums of all time) is sill just as magical. And now, it  is getting rebooted in the most creative way, a musical. And who better to portray the revived Rachel Marron than Canadian award-winning songbird Deborah Cox?

From it’s debut in London to the United States, The Bodyguard: The Musical is making new moments, one night at a time. The live version stays true to the original movie we all fell in love with, but with a modernized twist. Deborah and company, including the ridiculously handsome Judson Mills (who takes on Coster’s role in the film) score big as they bring the movie back to life.

I met Deborah backstage a few hours before her sold out show at The Bushnell Theatre in Hartford Connecticut. She looked absolutely stunning wearing a silky black blouse and high waisted plaid pants. She was warm and inviting as she greeted me with a big, warm hug. Her star power and her energy is undeniable as you sit in the same room with her.

Cox is beautiful, youthful and poised as she effortlessly commands the stage and makes Houston’s iconic singles, including “I Will Always Love You,” “I Have Nothing, and “Greatest Love of All” her own as she captivates audiences night after night. Cox’s stage presence is undeniable and is a reminder that she is a star in her own right, especially to fans who first fell in love with her powerful and commanding vocals in her breakout hit, “Nobody’s Supposed to be Here,” in the early 1990s.

The show is a shimmering medley of music, lust, suspense and up-beat dance numbers that had the audience around us smiling and sining along to every song in the musical.

I caught up with the R&B diva before one of her many sold-out shows in Connecticut yesterday.The singer talked about taking on Whitney’s iconic role and her making it her own, balancing work and being a working mother and what’s next in her career.

The Bodyguard: The Musical sings it’s way to our hearts in a city near you! Get your tickets here!

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