“There is no such thing as darkness. There is only absence of light.” – Jay Z

That was one of the many amazing moments that stuck out to me at Jay Z’s sold out show at the Brooklyn Barclays Center stop of the rapper’s 4:44 Tour on Monday night. I had seen him perform at award shows and I had watched videos of him online and we all know whenever him and Beyoncé are on stage together it’s pure magic, but this was my first time seeing him live and I didn’t really know what to expect to be honest. I knew it was going to be good because he’s known for being a perfectionist but I didn’t know a show could be that amazing.

First things first: No, Queen Bey didn’t join Jay on stage. (sigh) But hey, a guy can dream, can’t he? Now, let’s talk about the stage. Jay’s stage was one of the coolest stages I have ever seen. Like ever! As the show started, it looked small and minimal but then it would slowly transform and move along with the song changes and interludes. The floating monitors with the visuals for the tour were also incredibly cool.

Now, let’s chat about my outfit! I went through so many outfits before I picked this one. I don’t usually wear all white because the thought of getting bronzer all over my clothes gives me an anxiety attack and what not, but I decided to try it and I was actually pleasantly surprised at how great and comfortable it looked!

My longline sweater and ripped skinny jeans are from ASOS. The sweater is super loose and so comfortable, it feels like you’re wearing sweats which is so great! The skinny jeans are also very stretchy and comfortable. Now, I’m always one to pick style over comfort so any chance you get to feel stylish and comfy, I’m here for it!

I topped off the look with this light denim jacket from Zara. This is one of my FAVORITE jackets! It’s so comfortable and it gives your outfit a little bit of an edgier look, which I love!


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