Welcome To My New Website!

I’ve been working on my website for quite some time now. After going over a bunch of website designs, I wanted to scrap everything and start again with a fresh, blank canvas. If you’ve been following me from the start of my career a few years ago, then you already know me story, but if you just started following me (or you just love taking trips down memory lane like I do), then here’s my story!

I started my first website with my best friends almost a decade ago. It was originally going to be an “old Hollywood” themed online magazine that we could work on together and have fun with together. We didn’t really know what we were doing when it came to running a website but what we did know was that we were three creative individuals who shared a love for the entertainment and fashion industry and that we loved working together.

We were new to everything but we accomplished a lot together. We traveled to places we’d never been to before, we met an interviewed some of our favorite celebrities and the most amazing part of it all was all the new friendships we made along the way.

After working on our original website, and then taking some much needed time off. I knew that I wanted to do something bigger and something where I could express my creative side and work on projects that I felt passionate about. I wanted to work on projects that truly excited me. And that’s how Deejour was born!

It wasn’t until I took a break from making videos and doing interviews, that I realized how happy those things really made me feel. Getting glammed up, sitting in front of a camera and being candid with people from all over the world is one of the scariest but also one of the most rewarding and exciting feelings you can have. Building those connections and inspiring other people is one of the most amazing feelings and I’m so excited to connect with all of you again!

We’re working on some fun new videos for my website and my social media pages! I’m so excited to create fun new content again. We’re working on fun videos and projects about beauty, fashion, traveling and so much more!

Thank you for supporting me, for watching my videos and for inspiring me to do bigger and better things! Stay connected with me and follow me on my social media pages below!


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