My Best Friend Jaime Contours Me

Best friends who contour, stay together!

I hung out with my Best Friend, Jaime, who is also an AMAZINGLY TALENTED makeup artist (and selfie queen) to show you guys a quick and easy way to contour. We all have busy days and sometimes you want to look your best but don’t really want to sit down in a makeup chair for too long. Thanks to Jaime’s fun and super easy tips, you can embrace your inner Kim Kardashian with just a few easy makeup tips.

If you’re like me, you don’t like sitting in the makeup chair for too long. It gets boring and I get antsy, so it’s fun to kinda know how to do your own makeup sometimes. Watch our latest makeup tutorial and check out the easy steps to getting that picture perfect look. Oh, and we also chat about Tinder. And guys. It’s great!


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